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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

[Fighter] SM(Sword Master) Guide

[Fighter] lvl 1-20
Max Fighter Heart
Max sword training and 2h training
Max both 2h skills (crash blow, and uppercut)

[Warrior] lvl 20-40
Max Fighter Heart
Max Warrior Form
Max 2h Training and Sword Training
Max Wheel Wind (for easier training)
Max Risk Taker

[Infantryman] lvl 40-75
Not many skills you need here, just use the following:
Max Enhanced HP
Max Blessing Guard
Max Troopership
From here on you should do dd's to level if your a lazy person, because it is very boring.

[Rune Knight] lvl 75-105
Max Aura
Max Burning Crash and Earthquake
Max Sword Storm
Max all Sword Trainings
Max RI

[Sword Master] 105+
When you become Sword Master it is a good idea to dual wield.... Well it works for me. Just Put everything on full str and hope you get lucky on philos. Some 30+ str philos would be extremely useful!! Also remember to reskill.
Max Sonic Boom and Dual Sonic Boom
Max RI
Max Warrior Form
Max Fighter Heart
Max Auras
Max Troopership and Risk Taker
Max all Sword trainings
Max Heavy Armor Expert
Max Bless Guard
Max Dual Wield Expertise, Training, and Accuracy ( i know its not possible until 132 )

It is Optional to:
Max Blunt Shield, it is useful in PVP
Max Sword storm
Max Barrier

What Path should I go??
The popular path, and the path I went was Fighter>Warrior>Infantryman>Rune Knight>Sword Master. You should go this path so you can get balanced P def and P atk. And the more p def you have the easier time you have grinding for levels.

What stats should I use to train?
I personally used Vit type, but its really up to you. If you go full str, I recommend great vit reinforce and great philo aswell.

What equips should I use?
Use Holy Knights set, 2pc hathor, 2pc flickering or level 100 earrings, Kynee, and Costume with BWL. I recommend using lizard for more p def, and using aias shield at grave.

Here is my Sword Master:

It is possible to have as much p atk as me if you obtain Chiv and T belt. You will also need some 40+ str philos.

Hope you guys enjoy. This my first time making a guide. 

source:Yukina from Celestia Luna forum

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